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PRESS & past projects

In 2020, Grace has attended the Harvard Global Health and Leadership Conference, competing in the community project case study & pitch sector. She presented her research on menstrual poverty and its connection to menstrual stigma, placing TOP 3 in the senior division.

Thank you to News Claim and Nate News for covering the works and accomplishments of the Mini Moon Project. 

For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact us at:

In 2021, Grace has been selected as one of the student speakers for the Global Health Conference at Johns Hopkins University. In her presentation, Grace discusses the predicament that many young girls in her age face due to period poverty and shares the impact it has on their physical and mental health. She specifically focuses on how COVID 19 exacerbated these girls' situation and calls all community members and youth to action.

Check out Grace's lastest interview with Girls Against the Gap!

international roundtable series.jpg

Our international roundtable series is up & live! Check out our latest episode below or on our Instagram (@minimoonproject).


In 2022, the Mini Moon Project has been recognized by both the Pfizer - One Young World Scholarship and the Diana Awards.







Ashoka Changemakers Innovators Grant (2019)

Harvard Global Health and Leadership Conference: Community Pitch Project Competition Top 3 Finalist (2021)  

News Claim Article feature: "The Moonlight of Low-income Poverty Mensturators... Attention on the Mini Moon Project" (2021)

Damlong Channel Video Interview (2022)

Republic of Korea Youth Ambassador for International Dialogues at the United Nations (2022)

One Young World Ambassador, Featured on One Young World Impact Report 2023 (2023)

Johns Hopkins Global Health Conference, Selected Student Speaker on "Period Poverty amidst the Pandemic" (2021)

Girls Fighting Against the Gap Podcast Interview (2022)

Marie Claire Korea THE FUTURES 30 Feature, Top 30 Gen Z Activists to Focus Today (2023)

Diana Award Recipient (2022)

Bridge Economy News Article feature: "Mini Moon Project begins as a Moonlight of Hope for Women Around the World" (2021)

Pfizer-One Young World Scholarship Recipient (2022)

Invitation for 30 for 2030 Network United Nations Women Asia & Pacific (2024)

UNA-USA Social Justice Series (2022)

crisis cards

Want to educate and fight for social justice issues? The Mini Moon Project has linked important crisis cards and educational resources for numerous issues that women face around the world. Feel free to visit and share these resources with others!  


Question: I would like to get involved with the works of the Mini Moon Project. How can I join?


If you are already involved in an organization or a club and would like to receive support from the Mini Moon Project (in terms of menstrual kit supplies, hosting an event or fundraiser), an updated chapter instruction guide will be released soon.


In the meantime, please contact our email ( for individual volunteer opportunities. 

Our executive application opens annually in Winter and Summer. Please tune out for these applications via our Instagram Page (@minimoonproject). 

Question: I would like to make a donation of an item to the Mini Moon Project. How can I do that? 


Thank you so much for being willing to donate to the Mini Moon Project. With your help, we are reaching a step closer to eliminating menstrual poverty. If you are making a hygiene items donation:

  • Hygiene Washes 

  • Underwear 

  • Menstrual cups 

  • Pads, tampons, disks, other alternative menstrual products

Please make sure to double check that they are unopened and completely sealed for delivery. If you contact us via our email (, we will guide you directly where to ship your items. Thank you again for being willing to support our initiative!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or on any of our social media platforms :) 

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