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Meet the Board!


Founder, Executive Director


Co-Vice President, Internal Chair

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Co-Vice President, External Chair

Our executives:

Internal Executives 

Education Director: Sunny Li 
Graphics Director: Amelia Wibisono
Graphics Manager: Pajjayata Wongwech, Grace Luan, Antara Gangwal 
External Executives

Partnerships & Business Director: Rachel Ahn
Legal Policy & Research Director: Sanika Saraf 

Founding story

The Mini Moon Project was first founded by the executive director Grace Kim in 2019 when she noticed her close friend hastening to take menstrual pads provided in the church bathroom.

"I asked her why she was taking such large quantities of menstrual pads, and her response shocked me. My friend was left at the orphanage when she was three years old, and although the orphanage receives government provision in hygiene resources, there  were not enough to be shared." 

Hearing how these girls consider sanitary pads - something that Grace had taken for granted - as a source of financial difficulty,  left a burden on her heart.

Eager to help, she put her thoughts into action by creating menstrual kits to be distributed to areas in need. 

Core values

The core values of the Mini Moon Project are the following:

1. SUstainability

Ensuring long-lasting help and impact to the girls

Rather than donating pads or tampons which are single-use products, we donate menstrual cups, which is an alternative menstrual products that can be used 12 hours a day, for 10 years. With 200,000 metric tonnes of menstrual products ending up in landfill each year, reusable menstrual cups and biodegradable packaging is used in our kits.

2. safety

Establishing a correct understanding of one's body to protect both psychological and physical health 

During local outreaches, the girls receive a minimum of 2 hours of sexual education classes with a medical professional. For international support, a small comic book that involves information on how to remove & insert the cup safely as well as proper information about women's bodies is included. These were made alongside an OBY-GN doctor. 

3. self confidence

Eliminating all forms of menstrual taboos to empower girls

In addition to educational classes and workshops, we utilize our social media platforms to empower and correct misunderstandings of women's bodies (including menstrual myths). 
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